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Techonology is for everyone so why can't we! let's get started!

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We aim on spreading knowledge and expansion of E-learning in an effective and interesting way in this platform. We mainly concentrate on programming languages, IoT and soft skills required for the technical and soft skills of an individual. Here, we will take you on a tour on the development of technical and soft skills of a curious learner!

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Simple to learn

We provide simple ways to learn and make the learners understand the concept easily with good quality of videos.

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We have the most reasonable price and we believe no matter what the cost is. We always believe that knowledge is more powerful which will stay beside you forever.

Easy Mentoring

Why do we want to follow the old trend of being strict in classes, let's join and learn with friends!

Practical implementation

Theoretical knowledge is great but having practical knowledge makes it interesting and fun which gives the enthusiasm to learn more. We give hands-on pratice to you, where you can work with real world problems and projects.

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For any queries, reach out to us in the contact details. We will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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We believe that,small amount of progess will give you immense amount of growth!

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₹300 per Month/ Two courses

  • Video lessons
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  • Thank You E-Shikhya for supporting juniors !!!.

    Madhumitha M

    First year CSE Student, KGiSL

  • It was good that our seniors have created more opportunities for their juniors ,so I am really lucky to have those guys to help me develop in this field..

    Mirunalinni S

    First year CSE Student, KGiSL

  • It was very useful and this is platform is an opportunity to enhance our skills in computer science engineering.

    Dinesh Kumar C

    First year CSE Student, KGiSL

  • very excited to join this community .. I feel like Im gonna do something useful.

    Induja J

    First year CSE Student, KGiSL

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People might ask for or you might have some doubts.. Have you? Then you can have a look at the FAQs and get cleared! Still you have doubts? Okay! Then ping us in the contact page so that we can respond as fast as we can!

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After completing the videos we'll provide the source code so that you can proceed with project.

In order to receive your certificate of completion, each curriculum item must be marked as complete. Double check the course curriculum in the course player to make sure each lecture and course item has a checkmark beside it and is marked as complete.

It depends upon size of the course and each lecture video in a course will be minimum of 5 minutes.

Each course has some lecture that the instructor has selected for free preview, so a student can sample the course content and their teaching style. To start a preview, please follow the steps below:
Step1: Click the course icon or course title to proceed to its Course landing page
Step2: Next, click "continue course" in the course page.
Step 3: Now you will be able to watch a handful of lecture selected by the instructor.

To see the payment methods that are available to you when you wish to purchase a course, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: After enrolling click BUY NOW on the course page
Step 2: You will be directed to checkout page which will feature the various payment method that are available to you Our Payment method includes: International credit and Debit cards PayPal Bank transfer and cash payment

The courses can be accessed only when the monthly payment has been done.